Abetta Stealth With Super Cushion Seat


Abetta Stealth With Super Cushion Seat

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The Abetta Stealth Comfort Trail saddle is one of the newest to the Abetta line. Following years of development this saddle was created that combines the best of 4 saddle designs: cavalry, English, Australian and Western. Characterized by its large oversized seat jockey that maximizes comfort and freedom of fender movement, function is the foundation of this exciting new design. This version has the added Super Cushion seat for added comfort. TREE: RALIDE GULLET: 7” BARS: Quarter Horse RIGGING: 7/8 NYLON-LEATHER HALF BREED W/STAINLESS DEES CANTLE: 5” HORN: 3 1/4” STIRRUPS: 4” ENDURANCE TRAIL W/PAD SEAT: Super Cushion Memory foam