15.5inch to 18.5inch Tucker Horizon Low Horn Trail Saddle 271


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Tucker Horizon Low Horn Trail [email protected] In The USA After more than 35 years of perfecting ultimate trail comfort_ the Tucker trail saddle has evolved into the most advanced equine riding system available today. It’s more than a saddle – its the Horizon sears by [email protected][email protected] Standard saddle features an ergonomic shock absorbing seat and has the most advanced saddle tree system. The brown English bridle leather is beautifully hand crafted and has a stunning [email protected][email protected] a low horn and a 4inch [email protected][email protected][email protected] Seat: 15.5inch 16.5inch 17.5inch [email protected] Color: [email protected] Cantle Height: [email protected] Tree: Medium_ [email protected][email protected]